Eugene Godman

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the emanating era

The Emanating Era exposes everything that must happen on the earth and her inhabitants at the end of days. As it stands, the people of this generation (according to the apocalyptic books) are the people of the end-time. All prophecies in the Bible’s apocalyptic books are exposed in this book in everyday language, to show the reader what is coming globally. Inside, you will see some strategies about how to survive this era (See 1Thessalonians 5:3).It is written, that for the elect’s sake, those days should be shortened else no one will be saved. The saints of the end-time are people of grace; that is why God revealed these secrets to help them (See Amos 3:7). The expositions made in this book will show you what we must do at this time, to stay safe and happy amidst global uncertainties. This book shows exactly what God’s people must do to stay safe from the coming catastrophe and global holocaust. As it is written, ‘’when they say there is a casting down, the Children of God shall say there is a lifting.’’ (See Job 22:29).The woes that should befall the Earth in this generation were not fashioned for the elect.


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