Eugene Odogwu

Eugene Odogwu is a versatile digital content creator and creative writer. Eugene creates immersive content and enjoys experimenting on new ideas that combine various forms of expression. He has featured on platforms like as GuardianLife, Strange Horizons and The Native. His literary works have been published on BrittlePaper, Omenana, OkadaBooks and was nominated for the AfroSF NOMMO Awards. He is available on most social media platforms as @createdbygene.

Books by Eugene Odogwu


What if there's a place beneath all bridges where all the shadows meet? Where blood is gold and an old man wears a necklace of finger bones? What if there's a place where white widows prowl, where stories get lost and the only way out is a toll of flesh? What if that place is called Underbridge? A young man gets on a red bus and ends up in a strange place beneath Lagos City. Desperate to get back to the real world, he is hunted by strange creatures who are intent on draining him dry as he encounters unfathomable beings that lurk in the deepest, darkest places beneath the city. Underbridge is a short fast paced novellete of about 10,000 words.

once upon a purple pill

A young dreamdealer's stubborn curiosity leads him into uncharted domains where he reconciles with an unwanted past and makes a pact with an otherworldly being. Once Upon a Purple Pill is the first in a series of urban fantasy stories set in Fall Town, a city steeped in weird happenings and paranormal events, where Dominions rule Domains and Iniquities haunt the night. NEXT: In a Field of Purple Dreams

in a field of purple dreams

Following the events of Fall Town Fables #01 - Once Upon a Purple Pill where Eli, a young dream dealer, makes a desperate and reckless attempt to get ahead of the game by going into N'halam, the domain of dreams. He forms a bond with Khala, the Mother of Dreams and Dominion of N'halam. Now back in Fall Town, he is plagued by strange dreams. He dreams of trapped souls and an entity being formed from their tormented minds. Eli is charged with stopping this Iniquity from being born but what will it cost him in the end?

saint skinnerman's blues

While Liyah wrestles with the thing taking refuge inside of her and its depth-less hunger that threatens to devour her from within, a new Iniquity is born. One of flesh, lust and sin, and it is bent on indulging its appetites to the very fullest even it means skinning a few people alive.


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