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the universe is other people

We find ourselves in others, find immortality in the heart of another. Forever is not an impossible concept; it is a pixelated reality unobstructedly blended against the wrinkled canvas of time and memory. We each leave imprints of ourselves on one another, little crumbs that we might not regret losing, but which end up completing the puzzle that is another breathing soul.Why look to the stars when there are breathing universes all around us? The Universe is Other People is a debut collection of (micro) poetry that explores the human experience. Divided into three parts, this collection seeks to sympathize with the art of the mortal coil and all that make us human.

the conversation

"Everything I made is good. Who told Man that he was naked? I gave him body to house his spirit, skin to clothe his muscles, hair to endow his crown. Who told Man that he was naked?" In the short window of Jesus' death and resurrection, I AM turned His back on His Son. That Great Deceiver, The Devil, came to cement his victory and gloat in his triumph. But the battle was already lost before he had ever even fallen, so the Devil would soon learn.

serpent scion return of the living god

"Pay attention, little baalim... God is returning." It has been fourteen years since the fall of the House of the Serpent Coil and the demise of the Serpent god King, ruler of the Anandrañ Empire and God of the world. Fourteen years since the world breathed a sigh of relief. From the ashes arose a lesser House, the House of the Raven's Reach, who claimed the throne of God, and whose master, the Reacher, rules the Empire as the new savior of the world. This is a ruler the people readily accept, having suffered under the brutal reign of the last god King deposed and the excesses of his court. Now there comes a reckoning. A scion arises from the House of the Serpent Coil at last, a rightful heir seeking back his throne, and a Legion walks before him. Yet the people rebel against his return. However, an old world abomination seeps through the cracks back into the world. There is a deadly game afoot underneath the surface. A game of power between gods, princes and abominable powers reemerging from eras of old. The world needs its God, now more than ever. Even if they do not know it. But first, the scion must reclaim his throne, if he is to save them all. And his first adversary is the impostor who seats upon his throne.

the never ending story

The Never Ending Story is a prose poetry collection featuring over 90 poems that talk about the human condition. Much like its predecessor, The Universe is Other People; this official debut, The Never Ending Story, expands on the state of being human, delves into being, tells the story of humanity using mythology, fairytale, and biblical legends to craft a poetic narrative spanning across gender roles, struggles and triumphs. Told through the personas of Eve and Adam, the biblical and primordial progenitors of the human race—and through the use of famous figures from mythology and biblical legend; the collection weaves the perspectives of both genders in a story that explores the modern struggle of owning a sense of self, which also affects our sense of belonging in a world that seems to be fighting for its own destruction. The Never Ending Story is a conversation between two beings who must now settle their differences and accept their limits and work to transcend their flaws in a bid to grow a new Eden. The Never Ending Story is a conversation between you and I, him and her, they and them. It is a conversation between all of us who are ready to listen. And it is a conversation that will never end. Do not worry about coming late. You will catch up. Eventually.

the immanuel paradox (the immanuel paradox 1)

Anika Garlen is used to being considered a traitor. Granted, she supposed working for the same gods who'd tried to destroy the Earth and humanity all at once, over 200 years ago, would put her in the bad books of a lot of humans who still held a grudge. Not that she minded, though, not when working for the gods gave her an edge over her father—the man in whose bad book she probably took first place. What's one more 'betrayal', if it means preventing the end of the world? When, by virtue of her job, she stumbles into a well guarded secret that could mean the end of the gods—and humanity, by proxy—Anika rejects her humanity in favor of becoming a god; dying to her reality in order to save it. Saving the world, however, will prove to be near impossible when she is thrown into the center of the unraveling of a domino effect of secrets—both races itching to start another war that they both can not win, and one that can cost them the fabric of existence itself.


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