Ezinne Edet

Ezinne Edet is a creative writer and editor who helps writers find their voice and earn from their writing skills. She is the Creative Director of The Write Start, a brand that helps writers achieve their income goals by providing book writing consultations, ghostwriting, content writing, freelance writing, editing, proofreading, training, courses, and other writing services. She also runs an online writing community for newbie and struggling writers also known as The Write Start. Ezinne has trained over 1000 writers and intending writers in Canada, Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Angola, U.S, and Cameroon on book writing, creative writing, and brand storytelling. She is also the author of three books, including her latest book Fishing for Words which proffers solutions to the common problems that writers face. She has been featured in Daily News Zimbabwe, Jidekaiji Global Magazine, Classic 263 FM, Capitalk FM, Heart & Soul FM, Rave TV, and has been invited to speak on various platforms. She is a keynote speaker, alongside other speakers from the UK, Nigeria, and Zimbabwe, at the Writers’ International Virtual Meet Up, a non-governmental organisation that connects writers across the globe and provides solutions for writers in the form of teachings, workshops, seminars, and training. So far, she has received two awards; The Ladies of Honour Award, recognising her inspirational and selfless effort as a creative writer and content creator, and Brilliant Entrepreneurs and Writers Academy (BEWA) Africa Authors’ Awards, recognising her impact as an author. She also emerged one of the winners and featured authors of Lessons in Groundbreaking, a book project organised by Nspired4Life and Girlotheraphy celebrating and featuring 16 women across the world who forged their own path to success. When Ezinne is not writing or editing clients’ manuscripts, she is either working as a part-time Creative Writing teacher or hanging out with her family.

Books by Ezinne Edet

fishing for words

Fishing for Words is a book that proffers solutions to the problems that writers face. Problems like, writer’s block, how to turn your ideas into creative content, how to deal with overwhelm and writer's block, how to grow your idea bank, and how to deal with self-doubt as a writer, amongst others. I know how badly you want to write that book. You have the idea, but every time you start writing, you get stuck. Or maybe you don’t know where to start so you want to learn the art of writing. Perhaps, you are a newbie writer, feeling like a fish out of water because you don’t know how to navigate your way around the writing space. You are wondering, “Where do ideas come from? How do people write this good?” Listen up. I wrote this book especially for you. Inside its pages, you will find all the answers you seek. However, if you are looking for a quick-fix, then I’m sorry; this book is not for you. Fishing for Words is practical, which means you have a part to play. Put in the necessary effort and you will get the desired result. You can break all the rules of writing, except one – write with words. Words are the currency on which writers thrive. Moreover, writing is like fishing. Fishers understand that they’ll be stuck with empty nets if they don’t go fishing. Likewise, you’ll be stuck with empty sheets if you don’t go fishing for words. Take my hand, dear friend. It’s time to go a-fishing!


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