Felix Abodunde is a teacher of the word of God with the desire to preach and teach the undiluted word of grace; and God is always faithful, giving testimony to the word of his grace by enabling signs and wonders to be done. He has been privileged to minister as guest minister in several churches and conferences. He is a Christian motivational and inspirational speaker who also organizes seminars, symposiums and conferences in order to educate Christians. He is equally involved in community development for training youths in vocational skills. Felix graduated from Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile Ife where he obtained his first degree in Geology. He proceeded to University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria for the second degree in Environmental Geology. He is presently a consultant Wellsite Geologist. He is married and the marriage is blessed with three children.


the concept of eternal security in christianity

The question of whether a Christian can be saved-lost and be saved and lost or be once and for all time saved has been a matter of great controversy in the body of Christ. Many people believe and teach that we can lose our salvation at any time we sin or make any mistakes and if that sin is not quickly repented and confessed, the person may die and go to hell. Some people do not have that extreme view but believe each time a Christian makes a mistake or has done a bad thing; he loses fellowship with the Father even though he may retain a relationship. Another school of thought different from the one mentioned above; believed that a person cannot lose his salvation. That once you are born again you are eternally secured. So which is it? Can you be saved and be lost and then be saved and be lost? Or can you be born again once for all eternity?


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