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steps to locating your life partner

The big question in the mind of multitudes of singles is “how can one locate the right person to marry? Good question indeed. God who instituted marriage from the beginning has given us the blue print in His word on the steps one should take to locate a life partner. This book exposes the the biblical and practical secret steps to locating one’s life partner. A must read for bachelors and spinsters.

25 kind of guys you must never marry

Successful marriage is largely hinged on getting married to the right person. To achieve this, you need to know the character traits of guys who cant make a good husbands for you. This book describe in clear terms guys you must never marry. A must read for single ladies.

25 kind of ladies you must never marry

A woman was designed by God to come into a man’s life to bring him peace, joy, favour and increase. She was meant to come into a man’s life and help him become all God wants him to be but not to contend with him or become a source of pain to him. I have been privileged to hear men narrate the ordeals they go through in the hands of their wives and some shed real tears gushing out of their eyes on account of the maltreatment and negative behavior displayed by their wife. I have pen down the description of 25 kinds of these so called ladies who are not wife material and attempt to describe their traits and antecedent from experience in this book. As you read, may you be guided and find wisdom that will usher you to make the right choice of the woman you will spend the rest of your life with and have a blissful home as God has intended for you.

maximizing singlehood

Being single seems so estranged to so many. Society seems to treat singles with disdain because they are not yet married. As a result, the single person is confused and tempted to rush into marriage unadvisedly. Many who toe that line are regretting today. The author in this book didn’t mince words in debunking the misconceptions about singlehood and show the reader how to maximize the days of one’s singlehood and move on successfully into marriage.

overcoming marital delay

It is commonly said that delay is not denial. I quite agree with this assertion. But may I draw your attention to the fact that delay can be dangerous if you fold your hands and do nothing. You can delay your marriage if you fail to do what you must do to get married. It is not God’s will for you to experience delay in getting married. However, you must know do what you need to do to end marital delay. This book exposes time tested and practical principles to apply to put an end to marital delay.

straight talk on dating and courtship

Dating and Courtship are essential preliminary relationships before marriage. But the idea of dating and courtship has been mixed up with worldly standards making its purpose and relevance to marriage aborted. Helping the single person understand dating nd courtship from God's perspective and how to maximize these two kind of relationship to move on into a successful marriage is the thrust of this book. A must read for purposeful singles.

understanding his needs

The male gender is a wonderful creature. A lot of tussle women face in relating with their husbands will be needless if only they understand how the male gender is naturally wired to think and act. A woman's understanding of a man's needs and her meeting them will enhance his love for her. This book presents the real facts about the dare needs of every man in love relationship and how best to meet them to make him a lovable husband. A must read for singles ladies and married women.

12 irrefutable laws of love relationship

Too often we hear of breakup of promising love relationship among singles and the emotional trauma they go through. As a result, many have shut their heart never to love again. But these can be avoided if singles know the laws that guide love relationship and apply them. In this relationship series, the author has highlighted and discuss 12 Irrefutable laws of love relationship that will enable you enter into a healthy and purposeful love affair that will culminate into a blissful marriage. It is a must buy and read for every single person.

effective communication in love relationship

Healthy and effective communication in love relationship whether at dating, courtship or marriage level is essential for a blissful relationship. Communication is the life wire of any relationship. It becomes necessary that parties in a love relationship develop the art and skills of effective communication to make the most out of the relationship. Love Doctor and life coach, Felix O. Egbu in this book presents a comprehensive guide to effective communication in love relationship. He shows clearly the process, skills and principles to adopt to be a good communicator. The author also delves into effective ways to communicate even in conflicts moment in relationship. The book is better read than told its rich content. A must read for courting singles and married couples.

understanding her needs

Women are most unique among God’s creatures. Beautiful, soft and greatly endowed are women. Her input in the home and society at large cannot be undermined. She comes into a man’s life to bring completeness, balance and help to make him become all God wants him to be. But her full potentials will be unleashed when her male counterpart understand her dare needs and meet them. This book presents in very clear language the needs of every rational female folk and how meeting them will make her live happily and peacefully with her husband. A must read for every husband and husband to be.

handling break up and heart break in love relationship

The sudden break up of a promising relationship among singles hoped to lead into marriage can be very frustrating and traumatic. If not properly handled, one may take to harming oneself, do the departed partner evil, or even decide not to ever love again. It gets even worse when the break up is frequent leaving the single person confused. This book presents the practical steps to handle break up and heart break experience and how to leverage on it to become better positioned to find true love. A must read for singles.


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