manifesting your god-given potential

MANIFESTING YOUR GOD-GIVEN POTENTIALS is a book that is packaged with principles and wisdom keys you need to unleash and manifest the enormous potentials God endowed on you for the betterment of your generation and beyond. It was written to help you discover and manifest those latent potentials you may not know are resident in you. Fulfillment in life comes when you discover and manifest the potentials God bestowed on you. It is obviously not the will of God for you to “celebrate” in the grave with all the mind-blowing potentials He deposited on you. Refusing to manifest the potentials on you is tantamount to robbing the earth of the bliss and succour your unique potentials would have brought. You were not created just to earn salaries and wages and then elope out of the globe or to live just for yourself; you were given breath to impact your world positively. This is why it is paramount for you to manifest all that God gave you in your lifetime so as to make the earth better than you met it and be celebrated even when you are no more… In this book, you will learn: The secrets of living your life to the fullest Keys to maximizing time and fulfilling the purpose of your life here on earth Tips to making a lifetime impact that would live beyond you Pathways to avoiding the pitfalls of treading on a wrong call The true meaning of success and how to break free from limiting drag nets How to rekindle the passion for being the exceptional you, you were meant to be


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