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effective planning and execution: a comprehensive guide to planning

Many times, people plan, begin and even go far with projects but eventually fail to conclude well and they wonder why. Why do I begin it well but end poorly? We make new year resolutions every year but end each successful year not fulfilling 50% of them…why??? A beautiful plan does not equal a successful plan. Effective Planning and Execution is a loaded piece that addresses this problem, breaks it down and helps you pick up the pieces again to make beautiful success in a systematic and organized manner. It is a comprehensive guide on the journey of planning and execution to have good results that stand the test of time, while also building you up. Isn't that just great? It contains juicy contents such as reasons for planning at all and what planning is, entails, and is not. You will learn about the things you must establish and have in place to plan and execute successfully. In addition are a breakdown of the enemies of this success and how to overcome them. Two beautiful surprises await you from two unique and great mentors. This is a loaded ensemble. Enjoy.


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