Faith Mendel

Apostle Faith Mendel is a seasoned teacher of the Word, a Mentor, a Music minister and Coach. He is passionate about spreading the Knowledge of the Truth of God's Word in its purest form. An ardent student of God'sWord. He devotes much of his time to bringing clarity and understanding to the body of Christ, answering long-standing questions on his social media handles and providing biblical perspective to controversial topics that plague the body of Christ. He functions as an Apostle, a prophetic teacher, a seasoned psalmist and a shepherd of God's people. Morning Wine is a response to a prophetic instruction from the Lord in mid-2020. The depth of Insight and revelational wisdom contained in it is refreshing and instructive. Apostle Faith Mendel is the President of The Ministry of Faith and Truth (TMFT)Global with headquarters in Ekpoma, Edo state Nigeria. A true witness, he devotes his time to fulfilling the ministry that God has committed to his care which is summarized in these four words: MAN IS A MINISTRY.He lives in Ekpoma, Edo state Nigeria where he carries out the commission committed to him while traveling across the country dispensing the Power of God. He is committed to training believers and bringing them up to the perfect man and to the measure of the stature of the Fullness of Christ.

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