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Books by Femi Fragile

journey to the future

Journey To The Future is an adventure through self, in every season. Every end births a new beginning which is a chance at redemption. To live is to die inevitably, but first, find purpose therein. The question remains: peace or truth, which is a greater purpose? This is a deep stare into the life of an unemployed graduate whom in search of a better life, lost love, stumbled on lust, got betrayed, and chose vengeance.

the spark in my quiet world

The Spark in My Quiet world is a sojourn of a single guy in search of true love. The fortune that smiled on him when he met Lizzy soon faded. What he regarded as true love was simply a moment of undivided attention. He was set to experience the two sides of one world. Inspired by a true life occurrence. Coated with sincerity; it digs to unveil the reality about lovers, loving and being loved. To help comprehend that there is a purpose for every relationship if you choose to see it for what it is. Irrespective of its dividends, some lovers are lessons while others are blessings.

letters to god

Letters to God is a tale of a family whose bond was strong until a stranger came to unveil a burdening secret. It is a tale of love, hate, lies, secrets and revelation; a journal of wishes and desires. "You shall know the truth and it shall make you free." They learnt the truth and their lives never remained the same. It became bitter, the chaotic.

echoes of my journey

Echoes of My Journey by Oluwasegun Femi Fragile is an insightful analysis of a man’s pursuit of his choice(s) and his daily travel to his desired destination. It unveils in expressive details how he treads, adjusts to change, embraces pain and his communication with the voices in his head. This book is an adventure embarked on with mixed feelings; a sojourn of purpose with the will to conquer oneself or not. The author reveals in rational lines a diary of a man on a journey to find himself. The trip on which he thirsts to strike a balance against the heaviest storm without which it will be difficult to attain relevance. Without a doubt, this book will serve as a motivation to everyone out there battling with negativity. It is a fusion of motivation, fiction and gratitude. A blend of harsh reality and lingering hope; it strikes the mind to question the actions of the body yet leaves man something to smile about. Though an eBook, this is one to be carried in your thoughts after several scrolls on your phone, tablet or computer. It is an imperfect but worthy work of art, you should get it.


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