Femi Onileagbon

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home truths

Molade is a beautiful single mother in her mid-30s who has a precocious fifteen-year-old daughter, Ayomide. Having lost her husband a while back, Molade decides to move on and finds love in the arms or Desmond, a 38-eight-year old man who has still not got over being deported from the US as a result of an involvement with a woman. While everyone around her is distrustful of Desmond, Molade is blind to his vices until her daughter challenges her with some incontrovertible truths. Meanwhile, Ayomide is the object of sexual pressure by her English teacher, Mr. Kingsley. She is also under subtle pressure from her close friends who see nothing wrong in a fling with a teacher or an older man. Molade finds the strength to confront Desmond and straighten the relationship between them while Ayomide’s training helps her to reject Mr. Kingsley’s advances. Mr. Kingsley as a result gets in trouble with the school authorities and is suspended while his activities are investigated. Desmond, having lost his place with Molade, is also thrown out by his aged mother and is forced to go back to Molade. Desmond is himself a victim of betrayal and abuse and is helped by Molade to confront his demons. Ayomide’s friends, Ada and Tolu, are also able to reveal the shame and abuses they had been exposed to which led to their loose morals. Happily everyone finds resolve and comfort and brighter futures wave at them.


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