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the power of doing less: why time management courses don't work and how to spend your precious life on the things that really matter

As each year goes by, we find ourselves working harder and harder.  We spend more time at work, thinking about work, bringing work home with us.  Work now invades our personal life in a way that would have been unimaginable only a few years ago.  Remember when the media used to talk about having to educate people for leisure?  The very notion raises a bitter or incredulous laugh these days.  In the last twenty years there has been an unbelievable increase in the volume of things people are having to do and the stress that people are under.  High levels of overload have become the norm.  Especially since the collapse of the banks people are being told things like they have to work smarter, not harder and do more with less and that theyre lucky to have a job.  What keeps people awake at night is exactly this idea that they are lucky to have a job.  There is also the constant fear that no matter how well they perform, that the company could easily decide to dispense with them or move all the work to a cheaper economy (e.g. Eastern Europe, the Far East).  As a result people do work harder and harder, trying to show more and more willing.  This book wont stop organizations from moving their operations to cheaper economies.  But it will show that this hamster-on-the-wheel approach wont work and that there is an alternative.  


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