Feyi Aina

Olufunmilola Adeniran writes as Feyi Aina. She is a physiotherapist with a love for penning poems, short stories, Christian novels and inspirational women's fiction. She is the author of Saving Onome and Love Happens Eventually, and she is married with kids. She is the winner of the RWOWA Author of the year Award 2019. When she is not reading or writing, she enjoys cooking, traveling and scouring the net for ancient history on arts, culture and civilization. Connect with Feyi on Facebook @dfunpen, Twitter @funminiran, Instagram @feyi_aina and on her blog: http://www.dfunpen.wordpress.com/.

Books by Feyi Aina

love's indenture

Jaiye's favorite pass time, is antagonizing her father in ways that embarrass him. More than fed up with her, he decides to marry her off to a mechanic in order to teach her a lesson. She is livid, but she can't say no. She needs her father's help to get out of a situation and the marriage is part of his terms of condition. Though eager to get out of the marriage, she begins to discover that Toye is much more than just a mechanic, and their marriage is much more than just a sham to him.


Princess Ayanfe's only duty is to marry the Prince of Irefa, buy the land of Agbo Ode the sea routes and make her father happy. Love has no place where duty is concerned, and princesses are for nothing more than marital alliances. When information reaches her that an accused man might just be innocent, she goes against the laid-down laws of their land to investigate the truth. She hopes that she can save his life but her desire to do this will mean defying the king and upsetting the tribunal council of wise men. It however will allow her to spend time with Captain Dehinde, a man for whom she has developed affection. Perhaps he can be persuaded to love her back, enough to damn all the consequences and save her from an impending marriage. Perhaps they will find the real culprit. This story follows two courageous people in love, and their search for truth in a land where the word of the Tribunal Council is the law and a questionable truth potion decides who lives or dies.

saving onome

Dr. Rachael Imafidon struggles with seeking professional help when certain events in her present life trigger painful memories from her past. When an unconscious, bullet-ridden policeman lands on a stretcher in the Emergency Room at the Hospital where she works, everything that Rachael knows as a doctor flies out of her head at that moment. The man on the stretcher took away her childhood innocence and killed the one person who mattered the most to her. Does she save him, and will he remember her when he regains consciousness? Torn between the past, and the present, Rachael navigates the delicate balance between forgiveness and emotional hurt. Especially when the men who defined her childhood start popping back into her life, one after the other.

an unlikely love

In between fighting Iyiola Harvey for control at work, and taking care of her troublesome, often drunk, little sister at home, Molade tried to do what was expected of her. When her car breaks down on the third mainland bridge one day, she meets the most unlikely candidate to start a relationship with, a mechanic. When he brings her car back to her, he summons the crazy audacity to ask her out and she finds herself considering it! Molade is torn between obeying her father's rules and following her heart, especially when Iyiola seems to want to come back into her life, and her father seems to be encouraging him.

love's legacy

Anjola's boyfriend, Jimi, dies unexpectedly during their NYSC year. When his mother comes for the body, she warns Anjola not to darken the doorsteps of their family house with a pregnancy she is not even sure is her son's own. After her parents throw her out of the house, Anjola is determined to raise her daughter, Simisola, by herself. She does so for five years, till one of Jimi's brothers tracks her down. He convinces her to bring Simisola to meet their family. Anjola is unsure what Jimi's mother's reaction will be, especially when the unofficial head of the family, Folarin, Jimi's older brother, hates her guts on sight.

home cooked love

Demilade Brewer's only wish is to learn to cook to please her fiancé, Lanre. They marry in three months and she is a disaster in the kitchen. On his suggestion, she hires a chef to come home and give her weekly lessons. What Demilade and Lanre don't expect to get is a fun-loving guy, Nosa, whose cheerful, curious and sometimes nosey personality sweeps Demilade off her feet along with his love of jazz music and salsa dancing. She finds herself battling to choose between her fiancé and her new-found friend. One is a wealthy man who can buy her anything she wants and give her a boring but settled future. The other is an underprivileged guy who pulls her out of her introverted nature and always leaves her happier than he found her. The problem isn't choosing, it's living with the consequences of her choice.


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