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masters of success

The consistent accomplishment of a task or goal over a relevant time spectrum will make you a master of success, since accomplishment, consistency, and a relevant time frame are all factors in mastering success in this day and age. The CelebrityExperts® in this book can mentor you in their specialties, pointing out the do’s and don’ts of their successes and failures on their journey. While success may sometimes be accomplished through personal experience alone, mentoring will invariably reduce the time needed to master any task. In this book, you will recognize some of the common qualities of successful people – including risk taking, creative thinking and a willingness to persevere. Mastering skills is as old as the hills and the key to our progress. Over the years, mankind has learned and mastered diverse tasks, from hunting woolly mammoths to building cell phones. What say you try to accomplish your goals in this light? Start today to become the Master of Success for your goal(s).


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