Flame Lily

Books by Flame Lily

you belong to me... and the kids

Sammy was a waitress who loved kids a lot. She came upon a pair of adorable kids that stole her heart more than any other kids she had ever met. The kids started calling her mommy and that landed her in a position envied by many. The father of the kids asked her to marry him. When she refused, he did everything he could do to make her marry him. They got married all because of the kids and nothing more. Or did they?... She soon found herself trapped with no escape.

billionaire's revenge

Arnnelle's life changed drastically after her parents died. She was just a 14-year-old child left all alone in the world. She was in desperate need of money for rent and food but getting a job wasn't an easy task. An older girl named Angela, who was her neighbor as well as her schoolmate, offered to give her so money if she posed as her friend, Maddy, in front of her boyfriend. She soon realized, getting involved with Angela was a bad idea she would live to regret for a long time. And that little lie she unwillingly participated in, will bring her unexpected pain in the long run.....


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