Francisca O. Okwulehie

Francisca Ogechi Okwulehie is a Nigerian Writer from Imo state, who grew up in Lagos. She is the Author of Tari's Golden Fleece, an African Fiction Novella. She holds a B.A and an M.A in Philosophy from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. She is a recipient of the Educate a Girl (EAG) scholarship on the "Fundamentals of Journalism" funded by the Ladies Fund in conjunction with the Whole Woman Network of Canada and the Dawood Global Foundation of Pakistan. Her works have appeared in the Afriworiliterary Project Anthology; The Different Shades of a Feminine Mind (2017) and the 84 Bottles of Wine For Wole Soyinka Poetry Anthology (2018). She has a penchant for highlife music.

Books by Francisca O. Okwulehie

a preacher's secret

Anita Bassey, the Senior Secretary to the Pastor of a fast growing church situated on the mainland goes missing a day to her birthday. Her sister Gina and colleague Raymond are determined to find her. Investigations into Anita's disappearance reveal a lot, as faith breaks, betrayal sets in and Anita is yet to be found.

tari's golden fleece

Tari's Golden Fleece mirrors the life of a young Ijaw boy from a scarcely developed riverside community. While growing up, he alongside his mother; TamaraEfiye encounter the harsh side of life; experiencing desertion,death and disappointments. Tari's zeal for his studies and the good hand of fate in his mother's life channel him to his dreams. He is not deterred by his background but maintains a resolute decision of finding his path.

the capitalism of unsatisfied bodies

Become a Confident Woman! Are you tired of comparing yourself to another woman? Are you struggling with affirming your remarkability? In this simple and expository book, Francisca Okwulehie reveals the secrets that take a less confident woman from been an Unsatisfied Body to becoming a Satisfied and Confident Woman, who is happy with her Self and Body. In "The Capitalism of Unsatisfied Bodies" you will find: - Francisca Okwulehie's definition of a Satisfied and Unsatisfied Body and how capitalism plays out in the life of an Unsatisfied Body. - How to become a Satisfied Body; a Confident woman. Easy and recitable affirmations for mind and body. - How to recognise your TRIBE and become remarkable. The Capitalism of Unsatisfied Bodies equips readers with confident awareness on issues that affect the feminine person, from hair, to weight, skin colour and self worth. Read this book to unlock the secrets to being a Satisfied Confident Woman.

a goodman is not enough

In 'A Goodman is not Enough' follow Dr. Silvanus as he embarks on an unexpected journey, one that leads him from the sterile halls of the hospital to the muddy campaign trails of the gubernatorial elections in Imo state. Fueled by a desire to bring genuine change to his state, he throws his stethoscope aside and enters a realm where promises are broken as swiftly as they are made. Dr. Silvanus is plunged into a world of political maneuvering, backroom deals, and alliances that shift like sand beneath his feet. As he navigates the treacherous waters of power, he discovers that his medical skills mean little in the face of the complex web of betrayal and ambition that underpins the political arena.


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