Gabriel Udensi

Gabriel Udensi is an internationally published author, with several of his books published on Amazon, bambooks, okadabooks, Lulu, Barnes and Noble etc. He is a member of the Association of Nigerian Authors (ANA), Association of Nigerian Christian Authors and Publishers (ANCAPS) Abia State Chapter. He is also a member of Aba Book Club, and Aba Poetry Club. And an associate member of the Nigerian Institute of Building (NIOB). He hails from Abia State, from the Bende Local government area.

Books by Gabriel Udensi

bible for the scientist, philosophers, mathematicians, atheist, gnostics and christians

"The mystery which has been hidden from ages and from generations, but now has been revealed to His saints." (Colossians 1:26). This book is an indepth revelation of the secret mystic of God's Word; expounded with the most relevant and simple illustrations. It contains the secret codes of the kingdom principles and it's expository applications and relevance in various field of study as follows: Science, Arts, Business, Law, Mathematics and Philosophy.

consider jesus

This is an in-depth revelation of the secret mystic of God’s word, expounded with the most simple and relevant illustrations. It contains the secrets codes of the kingdom principles and its expository applications and relevance in various field of study as follows: Science, Arts, Business, Law, Philosophy and Mathematics. And in it you will study and apply the following thus: Study and apply the Arts of Creation in creating anything you want in your life. Learn and understand how to open an account with God’s bank and transact business successfully. Understand the True meaning of the words “RICH” and “POOR”. Learn and understand how “Money answers all things; even your prayers”. Learn and apply the Law used by JESUS; in creating Exponential Abundance, when he fed 5000 and 4000 men with few loaves of bread and fish. Beloved, let’s get inside and embark on this adventurous voyage of discovery with the Holy Spirit of God as our compass and captain of the ship. REJOICE EVERMORE!


"The call of destiny is inescapable, to run away from it, is to speedily run into it." Erinma, an orphan teenage girl, was caught in the web of two opposing spiritual forces, seeking and calling for her service, and loyalty. Initiated into the Lekuke coven, marine spirit worship and voodoo practice , she was given an assignment to kill her fiancé, Mr. Nduka, whom she loved to a fault, and to drain him of his blood, to be stored in their spiritual blood bank , what a dilemma! The unexpected heinous tragedy struck in the course of executing this assignment, and who were the survivals and the victims? This book is a suspense filled epic and urban thriller, garnished with romance, horrors, mystery, occultism and the supernatural. The illumination in this book will hold you spellbound, till you eat its last alphabet. Let’s take a walk, as we journey through this jungle of literature.


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