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the gift of time: how delegation can give you space to succeed

The Gift of Time explores the areas of: Delegation and SME; Delegation in corporate management and Delegation at home. Written in a professional but informal tone, and always honest, it includes chapters by guest writers, and case studies for each section. The book sets out to: Teach the reader that delegation leads to a happier job, a happier life, an ability to do more of what you love, a means of doing less of what you dont, space to get creative and thus grow career, business or time with family. It then supports this premise with research on the value of delegation (in currency currently £300 billion per annum in the UK). It will communicate the attitudes and barriers to delegation and the manifestations of poor delegation on workload, team, department and business and identify profiles traits in regard to delegation. The second part of the book will teach the basic principles of delegation and support this teaching with case studies.


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