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say anything to anyone, anywhere: 5 keys to successful cross-cultural communication

Successful selling, negotiating, and managing multi-culturally is not an elusive secret. How to Say Anything to Anyone, Anywhere teaches reader 5 simple keys that unlock the doors to create rapport and organize strategies for success across different cultures Create proactive communication cross-culturallyBe proactive, not reactive in your cross-cultural communications. Rapport secrets to bridge the cultural gapUse simple rapport secrets to create trust and a common bond with the cultures you work with. Organize productive interactions cross-culturallyOrganize productive interactions in person, on the phone and by email. Strategies for multi-cultural relationshipsDevelop interpersonal and virtual strategies that build strong relationships. Success leaves cluescultural clues, dos and taboos The book is intended for business professionals working multi-culturally abroad or in the marketplace.  Through quick, accessible examples and clear guidelines, it gives a solid foundation of what impacts cultural development, creates an understanding between cultures, and offers tips and strategies on how to communicate without offending.


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