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dead end

Moyiola, the narrator of the story is the only surviving princess in a royal clan of seven: Six boys and one girl. Their father, Oba Arogunmasa has just transcended to the great beyond and the search for his survivor begins in earnest. Adelabu, her younger brother from the same mother is elected by the kingmakers to survive their father but he dies on the eve of his coronation. The search for another Alaye of Ayedun begins. After some scheming, Adekanle, another prince from a different olori is elected as the new Alaye by the kingmakers, but just as his coronation rites are about to begin, he runs mad. Will Moyiola make herself available and budge to Sakomoja’s will to take him as wife and become the new king? Will Sakomoja’s wish not come to actualization for the first time in his lifetime? This is the beginning of the crises and hullabaloo that rock this book “Dead-End” from the beginning to the end


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