George B. Bradt

Books by George B. Bradt

first-time leader: foundational tools for inspiring and enabling your new team

      The First-Time Leader will provide basic frameworks, processes, and tools to help first-time leaders and their teams deliver better results faster. The fundamental premisis is: leading is about inspiring and enabling others to do their absolute best, together, to realize a meaningful and rewarding shared purpose. . In this book, the authors run those premises through the BRAVE acronym: Behaviors, Relationships, Attitudes, Values, Environment. The book explains three stages of team development, and advice for specific leadership situations including onboarding yourself, onboarding others, and crisis management.      Main benefits and selling features that will make a reader want to buy this book are: a way of thinking about leadership and a structure for action to help first-time leaders lead at both overall conceptual and tactical levels. It will tell leaders what to do next, later, never, why, and how. Practical tools.The First-Time Leaders downloadable tools are usable as delivered and easily adaptable for each leaders specific context Guiding examples, stories, and advice. The First-Time Leader will contain illustrative examples and stories from a range of experienced leaders and experts to help guide first-time leaders through things they may not have experienced themselves.


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