George O. Emetuche

George 0. Emetuche is an alumnus of University of Nigeria, ESUT Business School, University of Lagos, National Broadcast Academy and member National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria. George is a Certified Training Consultant and an authority in Sales, Marketing and Customer Service. He is the Managing Director/Chief Executive Salesman at The Selling Champion Consulting Limited, a leading Sales Management Consulting Firm. George is an award-winning Sales Consultant, Brian Tracy endorsed bestselling author, Convener of Nigeria Sales Conference and highly sought after Public Speaker and Facilitator in the country. He has passion for Sales, Motivational Speaking, Success Psychology, Leadership and Management, Personal and Career Development. He derives great pleasure in assisting people discover themselves and achieve their potential. For over two decades, George has been in Sales and Marketing Subdivisions in various Industries such as: Hospitality, Agro-allied, Fast Moving Consumer Goods, Oil and Gas and Pharmaceuticals, and has served in various capacities. He started his career as a salesman and later rose to the position of National Sales Manager, and thereafter founded The Selling Champion Consulting Limited after garnering wealth of experience. His concept of Motivational Selling has helped a lot of salespeople and other professionals to attain their personal and career objectives. George is married to his best friend, Maureen and they are blessed with two awesome boys, Giovanni and Darren Emetuche.

Books by George O. Emetuche

the 25 unbreakable laws of sales

This book, The 25 Unbreakable Laws of Sales, is a masterwork. It is a collation of indissoluble truths about the world of selling. The nuggets in this book cut across every profession and life endeavours. The pieces of information herein are proven realities to success; not just in sales career but success in other aspects of life. This simple to read book is a ANL roadmap to sales and life successes - no matter your profession, the skills you have acquired or the level of education you have attained. The book used a lot of true stories and illustrations to buttress relevant points. The writing style is conversational and simple to read. The book will 'talk to you'; no matter your situation. The 25 Unbreakable Laws of Sales will inspire you to get up and get things done!

be inspired! win from within

One of the goals of this book, Be Inspired is to motivate you to achieve your objectives in life. You must wake up daily and inspire yourself to conquer your world. You are your number one fan. Everyone is waiting for you to inspire yourself first. People will follow you if you follow yourself first. You must conquer yourself. You must win the battle within. You must walk the talk. Attaining greater heights in life is a function of Desire, Action and Faith. I call it, DAF. These three should be in place in order to succeed in life. It follows thus: You must have the desire to succeed, followed by doing the things required to succeed; then believe! The presentation style of this book is simple. Be Inspired is written for everyone; no matter your status in life. This book will take you to an interesting journey. The thoughts herein are things you can resonate with. Be Inspired will bring out the Giant in You!

the art of selling: a practical approach to sales success

Selling is not just about products and services. Selling has gone beyond that. The concept of selling is broad; it encompasses a lot of things. It takes place in various forms and perspectives. We sell ourselves, our ideas, opinions, products and services to one another. This makes our world go round. Activities of salespeople help to exchange value all over the world. The concept of selling transfers value from one place to another. The Art of Selling will navigate you through Practical Selling Strategies. This book will add immeasurable value to you, to the "sales community" and the general public.

the selling champion: discover how to be an eagle in the marketplace

THE SELLING CHAMPION ...discover how to be an Eagle in the Marketplace Today's sales strategy has gone beyond embarking on normal routine of talking to a lot of people about your products or services. Today's sales environment is more strategic and exact. You are expected to develop reliable contacts and follow up on them. It is the duty of the salesman to establish these contacts. The salesman needs to find a way that will enable him conquer the marketplace. Building great relationships and following up on them is a winning strategy. The salesman must find creative ways to connect with his target market. The salesman's approach must fit the target market. The author's concept of Motivational Selling is expounded in this book. This book will awaken the giant in you. It will help to sustain you as a champion if you are already one.


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