Gibret Ifedi

Gibret Ifedi is a passionate fiction and narrative writer. She is currently based in Ghana where she is pursuing a degree in Doctor of Pharmacy. Her articles have been published in ‘Random Thoughts,’ ‘The Naked Convo,’ ‘Kalahari Review,’ and Online Magazines. She shuttles back and forth between Nigeria and Ghana and spends most of her time reading and writing.

Books by Gibret Ifedi


When the desire you have yearned to fulfill for thirteen years finally gets accomplished, how do you cope with the irony of coming to lose it? Just two weeks after the birth of their daughter Sophie, she goes missing. Tangy and Dave, her parents cannot find her anywhere and their only suspect is the maid. Tangy, is a popular host for a show where the discourses of gender roles are discussed, and her husband, Dave is a busy pilot. After the disappearance of their child, the media turns on her as a legitimate example of failed motherhood in working class women. While there is so much mystery behind the abduction of Sophie, and how it would affect Tangy’s success in her career. The story takes a new turn when years later, a troubled teenager employed in their home is discovered to be an imposter. What is this imposters’ true identity and is this related to their daughter Sophie. Masked is both captivating and inspiring. A page turner that provokes emotions and questions – Is motherhood really the beginning and end of love?

midday apparition and other stories

Midday Apparition and Other Stories, is a compilation of five stories, depicting struggles of newly married couples, the different faces of mental illness, whilst bearing themes of eccentricity and love. In Sinister Appearance, a newlywed couple has come to a sudden realization, is it too early or late for them to go their separate ways and who is really behind their problems? In the Girl's Childhood, a woman reflects on how certain events she and her brother were witnesses to years ago altered their lives. While in Love under the knife, a young female doctor who has failed to prove to her father, the best surgeon she knows that she is a brilliant surgeon, comes upon a case that would prove to everyone that more than being a good surgeon, she is an incredible human. The book is titled after Midday Apparition, where a lone female student struggling with identity has an unexpected breakdown in an inauspicious salon.

pitakwa daughter

When Anita Kenechukwu returns to Nigeria to bury her father, she discovers she has inherited his beloved church. Yet, the organization is buried in debt, and she and her brother, Obi, are in danger of losing everything, including their childhood home. Despite Obi’s resentment at not being chosen to inherit, Anita stays, working with her brother to save their father’s legacy. But when a junior pastor steals their members to form his denomination, they must act fast to regain the confidence of their flock. But their father may not have been who they thought he was. When Anita meets her father’s charity case, a mentally ill patient living in an asylum, she is forced to confront her experience with childhood abuse, and she must decide if United Christian Church is worth saving at all.


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