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what about purpose?

Success is overrated, while purpose is often underrated and frequently misunderstood. When people are doing big things and achieving common success, others often explain these accomplishments by simply attributing everything to the fulfilment of purpose. But that is really a false and misleading way of looking at purpose. What About Purpose is, therefore, written to give every reader an insight to what purpose truly is and what it is not, thereby helping them to discover, understand and explore their unique purpose and potentials. In the book, the author answers questions such as: Why is the discovery and fulfillment of purpose very important? How can humans find purpose in this unstable world? What do you do after purpose is discovered? What are my unique gifts and potentials, and how do I explore them? What role does the understanding of purpose play in marriage? It doesn't matter where you are, this book is designed to lead and guide you on the path to personal success and fulfillment.


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