Gimbiya Galadima

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A collection of more than a hundred stories written as poems, T.I.R.E.D by Gimbiya Ekene Galadima takes you on a journey. It all begins with relatable tales about exhaustion woven intricately as poetry, then transcends to sufferings faced by most Nigerians and ends with a piece that will bring you nothing but nostalgia. Spiced with words of different Nigerian languages, T.I.R.E.D is that book that will teach you a little, make your stomach ache with laughter and strike a chord in your heart. Prosetry is a rare genre that combines the story telling of prose and the symbolism of poetry, that is the extra that T.I.R.E.D brings to you. It is a must read for everyone, especially for medical personnel in Nigeria and for people who believe that poetry is boring. If the prose like poem about unemployment doesn't give you some hope, reading a poem about a gossip will make you laugh. T.I.R.E.D by Gimbiya Galadima is an intriguing read for everyone.


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