Godsplan K. Ugwuja,Madukwe Chidozie

Books by Godsplan K. Ugwuja,Madukwe Chidozie

game over

Game over is a compendium of correspondences between a couple who are having problems in their relationship. These letters tell their story straight from the horses' mouths. The correspondences are written in the form of poetry, which makes this book not purely prose or poetry. Someone called it a "Prostry." I prefer to think of it as a "Poetically written Prose." Game over brings to you the challenges couples face in their relationships and marriages, and their struggle to resolve these challenges. It also proffers a somewhat unpopular, but nevertheless very effective solution in cases like the one seen in this story. This is a little book packed full with important lessons. This book is simultaneously fun, intriguing and didactic. It is a must read.


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