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musings of a sage: it is wisdom

Wisdom is to excellent living what breath is to life. And there are only two ways to live: as a wise person or as a fool. You cannot hang on the fence; you must belong to one. And, our judgments, actions, and eventual outcomes are the umpire. Wisdom bears peculiar fruits; so, does foolishness. But sadly, foolishness is a celebrity in today’s society. ‘Musings of A Sage’ is simply a treatise on wisdom and excellent living. It is a repertoire of advice for every aspect of your life, shared with simplicity, clarity, and verity. It is intended to be a darling companion to the man who desires to excel at this venture called Life – warts and all. Simple as this book may seem, Godwin Uwuba’men has just gifted our world with a compendium of wisdom that is a must-have for everyday life. So, start yourself out on this thrilling, experiential journey into the heights, depths, and breadths of Wisdom.


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