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living in the father's love zone

Living In The Father's Love Zone is an epistle to the church. The revelation of God's love is the arrowhead of a definite revolution which will reposition the church as an irresistible voice to the world in the days that we are in. It is spirit-breathed to re-calibrate thinking processes and to some degree, reorder value systems as on prayerfully subscribes to its transforming insights. Every page of Living In The Father's Love Zone promises to bring deep revelations that will usher you to greater heights in your walk with God. Discovered from this book will bring you into instant emotional and physical healing and deliverance from burdens of guilt and satanic oppressions. One thing is sure: you cannot read the book and remain the same. Get ready for change. Your heart will be ignited; your faith will be fired up, and your walk in the spirit will be highly elevated. Indeed, God is doing a New Thing! Here it is! The Love Revolution.

catch the fire

The treasures of the earth are the reserve of the pure in heart. When God owns you, He gives you access to all he owns. You can live the rest of your life without stress and struggles for the good things of this life. God’s seasoned spokesman, Pastor Goodheart Obi Ekwueme yet again in this most exciting book presents the catalyst that will fire up your soul and position you for the overflow of divine benefits. He echoes the clarion call of the spirit and urges the reader to enlist in the glorious end time army of God-chasers who will not only command the flow of God's inexhaustible treasures here on earth but will be used by God to serve as a conduit pipe that would transmit and reveal his glory to this dying world. Some of the chapters in this book are; “God seekers wanted”, “Spiritual Heart Check”, “Where is your heart”, “Guard your heart”, “How far do you want to go with God”, “Building according to God's master plan”, “The honour that comes from God”. Get ready to catch the genuine fire of revival in your life as the contents of this book prepares you to take your own place in the coming mighty and awesome move of the spirit of God upon the face of the earth.

embracing true grace

In this book are teachings and instructions about the workings of the grace of God and its capacity to keep us growing from one level to another.


Our ultimate goal as believers who have submitted our lives to the Lord Jesus is to metamorphose to become more and more like Christ. Our words and actions must be all about him. Unfortunately there is contention for his place in many a believers heart by several distractions. The enemy has taken advantage of this struggle to deceive many Christians into a place of compromise where they think they are serving God, not realizing that they have devised a convenient replacement that suits their fancy of what God should be! This book by Reverend Goodheart Ekwueme can be likened to a tool that helps the believer examine himself to see if he is still in the faith ( 2 Cor 13:5)

revival is here again

There is a shift in the realm of the Spirit. God will not watch you miss out of the glorious things He has prepared and preserved for you. He is set to move you from your history into your destiny. The force of the Spirit shall translate you from where you are right now to where God has ordained for you. You will go from glory to glory. God will do great and mighty things in you, for you, and through you.


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