Grace Olabisi

Books by Grace Olabisi

glad tidings

Around the Christmas season, there came a project which brought three young women together--Ada, Ade and Ama. Although they had their 'glad tidings' to deliver, they couldn't because of the skeletons hidden deep in their cupboards. Would you take a journey into this amazing fiction story? It is not only interesting, it is filled with great ideas for life journey.

a beginner's guide to writing

Have you had ideas, stories and a lot in your mind to communicate but you just didn't know where to start from? Have you started writing projects you never finished because you got stuck? Have you had challenges overcoming writers' block? How about publishing your contents/books? Do you need a guide from start to finish? These and many more questions are dealt with in this straight-to-the-point Guide. The author takes you on a journey that will end with direction, clarity and great confidence among others. This is surely a must read for you.

the harlot

A union of faith and purpose. Are you struggling with a deep feeling of lack of fulfilment? In search of purpose and vision for life? This is a book for you.

who is the queen?

In this book, although the author uses very plain and simple language, she opens our eyes to the hidden treasures in the word as she writes about prophetic insights hidden in proverbs 31. As kings and queens in the kingdom, we need to know and embrace our identity allowing the outflow of our real nature. The book is for men and women alike.

broken pieces

Battered and Broken, that was Oyinlola's life in words. Orphaned, violated, used and unwanted What's the worst that could happen again? Read BROKEN PIECES to get the full gist about OYINLOLUWA

storytime with mama awero

Michael Ajao takes you on a journey with his best friend’s Grandmother, who told twelve great stories. Every other Sunday, he sits at Mama Awero's feet, listening to her respond to his challenges through her intriguing and fulfilling life experience. Storytime with Mama Awero was originally written as a bi-weekly series on temidayoriches.com in a bid to reinvent the act of storytelling in folktales while teaching some basic truths of the kingdom of God.

ultimate guide to cashing out with writing

Do you want to cash out with Writing as a business or a side hustle while keeping your full time job? 12 Business of Writing Revealed!!! ?Well detailed business in the writing industry ?Business of writing you can start with Zero Capital. ?Businesses you can do even if you hate writing or don’t know how to write ? How to start each business well-explained. It’s a short, straightforward book that will give insight into the gold field in the writing industry. No fluff. No hidden secrets. No false promises. Just an expose on making morning with writing.


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