H. James Dallas

Books by H. James Dallas

mastering the challenges of leading change: inspire the people and succeed where others fail

Change is occurring within and across all industries, countries and organizations. Unfortunately, the majority of change initiatives fail to meet their objectives because people mistakenly think that a change agent is the same as a project leader. They are not. Most change management books include case studies about what happened at other companies, frameworks and theories. This book consists of actual experiences, personal lessons learned, how they were subsequently applied, and how others can benefit from them. Readers will learn: What the most critical skills are for successful change agents. Ways to See over mountains. How to assess the difficulty of a change initiative and then how to break it up into manageable pieces. How to assess the politics that might come into play and how to mitigate them. How to pick a third party, strategic partners who will assist you implementing the change initiative. How to lead through a crisis.


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