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it takes two

FunDza celebrates young writers. Between June and December 2013, five of South Africaís best authors teamed up with five talented young writers to bring you this anthology of fast-paced, exciting short stories. From romance and heartache, to mystery and crime, these stories have something thrilling for every reader.

broken promises

Ntombiís mom is out all the time with a new man, Zakes, leaving Ntombi to lookafter her little sister Zinzi. So Ntombi is missing practices for SAís ìTeen Voiceî competition and the auditions are getting closer. Besides, Ntombiís keen to have her own fun, especially once she gets the attention of Mzi, one of Harmony Highís hottest boys. But, what secrets are Zakes and Mzi hiding? How many promises will be broken before Ntombi finds out the truth?

sugar daddy

Busi feels left out! Her friends have won a talent competition, but the only talent that she has is for being late for school! When she climbs out of a broken window at Harmony High and escapes onto the street her life is about to change. The smooth, handsome taxi driver, Parks, stops to pick her up and there is no going back. But, Busi soon finds herself out of her depth and realises that Parks has a secret he isnít sharingÖ


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