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becoming the best: build a world-class organization through values-based leadership

In his first book, From Values to Action, Harry Kraemer introduced the four principles of values-based leadership: self-reflection, balance, true self-confidence, and genuine humility. Now, in this highly-anticipated follow-up, Kraemer shows exactly how, in practical terms, to apply these principles in daily life. People at every level, with any job title, from the newest team members to the CEO, can and should become values-based leaders. Whether someone is the CEO of a company that employs 100,000 people or an entry-level person who just graduated from college, they can make a difference in their organizations, and beyond. Bringing Your Best Self to Work offers both explanations and concrete examples, drawing on Kraemers own experiences, interaction with leaders at every level, and notable leaders and organizations. This book lays out a pathway from understanding the four principles to putting them into practice by describing five key areas or dimensions that define what it means to be the best. They are: Best Self - You actualize who you are meant to become, with fuller self-knowledge of and a deeper understanding that in order to influence people, you need to relate to them first. Best Team - All team members understand and appreciate what theyre doing, why theyre doing it, and how that fits with and fulfills the goals and objectives of the organization. Best Partner - The organization, its vendors and suppliers forge a partnership in order to enhance the customer experience. Each party understands what the organization is trying to do and why, as it provides products and/or services. Best Investment - Everyone in the organization focuses on generating a return for the owners (whether stockholders, debt holders, a foundation, or other stakeholders) through positive and meaningful actions that support the mission, vision, and values of the organization. Best Citizen - From the C-suite to the most junior levels of the organization, everyone is focused not only on success, but also significance, through social responsibility and making a difference in the world, beyond the organization and its people. With powerful case studies of real leaders from organization such as Campbells Soup, Ernst best selves to work, and create the best teams, best partners, best investments, and best citizens. Bringing Your Best Self to Work is an essential guide for putting the principles of values-based leadership in action.


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