Haruna Adinoyi Yusuf

Haruna Adinoyi Yusuf is a prolific writer who writes a lot about anything and everything ranging from poetry to fiction to screenplays. When he isn’t writing or reading, he’s probably watching TV or playing games on his smartphone. Haruna lives with his wife and children in Bida – Niger State, Nigeria. You can connect with on Twitter @Adinoyi01 and Instagram @harunadinoyi

Books by Haruna Adinoyi Yusuf

fragrance of your love

fragrance of your love is a collection of poems that evokes the fiery desire of a lover for the beloved, the enchanting bliss of true love, and the absolute freedom that comes from true companionship. fragrance of your love is a beautiful and tender book that will awaken the desire to love and be loved. It is a book meant to be felt, a book for you, for me and for all who believe in the extraordinary power of love. If you like books by Rupi Kaur, Pierre Alex Jeanty and Rumi, then you will love fragrance of your love. NB: The use of lower case letters throughout this book by the author is intentional.

dark white

Dark White is a poetry collection about writing, growing up, hate, grief, inspiration, loss and more. Filled with a fierce yet tender voice you can find only in the songs of Tupac Shakur and the poems of Charles Bukowski, Dark White is a book for the downtrodden in African society. Written in nothing-to-lose truthfulness, may this book give a voice to those who need one, spark the lamp of the unseen and spread warmth in the hearts of people.


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