Henry Okachi

Henry Okachi is an ambitiously Pan-African social entrepreneur, working on a couple of strategic development projects with a keen focus on building a stronger, more dignified and organically prosperous Africa. He is the founder of The Future-Impact Academy: a transformational learning platform committed to upskilling Africans; the co-founder of GrowthWays Africa: an organization focused on grooming young Africans for self-actualization, and optimizing education and leadership impacts across Africa. Henry enjoys teaching, and helping young people, and core institutions identify and focus actions on what matters, so that they can function at their best and drive high-transformative impacts. Specifically, he wants to see people and institutions creating happiness, and contributing to making their communities a better place. And he is on a mission to raise a solid foundation for a better society and for the next generation to thrive, and he strongly believes that, with good leadership, sound values and quality education, Africans and Africa can have a dignifying future, attain self-reliance and become a model for the rest of the world.

Books by Henry Okachi

the making of a brighter future

Life is progressive and the future is meant to be better. And no single individual, or nation deserves to be tied to a bitter past or condemned to endless retrogressions! You want happiness and a future that is surpassingly better than your past, and this resource will help you get started and thrive in your journey of creating the life and future you desire. It explores the simple things any individual or nation can do to create happiness for themselves and the world around them. It is intended to raise more individuals to have an awesome life with a growing sense of meaning, fulfilment and dignity. If you are involved directly or indirectly in the hallowed task of grooming lives and equipping the next generation to dynamically give meaningful expressions to their potentials, you will find this resource highly helpful. And for those seeking to make a positive difference and are taking or eager to take more responsibility and pride in building a decent society where things work and institutions serve for greater public good; a society where people have dignity, decent livelihoods and every child gets the right kind of quality education to equip them for their pursuit of happiness and responsible living, this tool is particularly a must have for you. Finally, this dynamic life-tool provides the much needed recipe for instilling sound values, and making an ethical leader out of every African youth, and transforming SDGs 1, 3, 4, 11, and 16 into sustainable outcomes. It’s time to unleash the better! Essentially, this resource is on a mission to empower the present generation of leaders/citizens for high impact results and nation building on one hand, and on the other hand, groom the next generation of ethical leaders who will raise the bar of transformative impacts and advance the course of true nation building.


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