Henry Stephen Eboigbe Idemudia Edward

Henry S.E.I Edward is a native of Ishan in Edo State. After his primary education in St. Patricks Catholic Church, Sapele, he proceeded to St. John’s College, Fugar, where he finished in June 1973. In the same year he was admitted into Major Seminary of SS Peter and Paul Ibadan where he studied Philosophy from 1973-1975. He later obtained his professional qualifications in Management, Transport, and Marketing, and his academic qualification in Transport Studies from Nigeria. He worked in different designations with the Nigerian Ports Authority from 1975-1989. As a Director of Chabkap Ventures Ltd. He organised the first Nigerian Transport exhibition in 1992, and subsequent ones in 1993 and 1994. He was Officer of the Nigerian Railway Corporation from 1996 till 2004, when he stepped aside. Presently, he is the initiator and secretary of the Road Transport Professional body in Nigeria, incorporated under the auspices of the Federal Ministry of Transport. He enjoys preaching the good news of Jesus Christ during his leisure time.

Books by Henry Stephen Eboigbe Idemudia Edward

the full armour

This book tells you how to organize an efficacious prayer, fasting, meditation, and solitary mid-night prayer. It gives you some powerfully composed prayers to nullify bad dreams; for life partners, children, job, admission, success in exams; for healing, protection, to find lost things, against evil spirits; for accommodation, intercession, safe journey, business success, daily prayer and others with testimonies.


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