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sexual intimacy in marriage

Marriage has deviated from God’s original plan, a coming together of man and woman to form a dynamic force, to increase, multiply and dominate. It should also be a place of peace, enjoyment and general satisfaction on all fronts for the couple. This master plan has been thwarted due to many issues that has affected the beauty of marriages. This book seeks to address the foundational problems faced by marriages, helping them understand what marriage is, what to expect from and give to your partner in marriage (your rights and obligations). It shows ways by which you can communicate with your partner beyond words and teaches you how to love your partner the right way and the way your partner expects. These and more are the building blocks of a great marriage and further strengthen the intimacy of marriage. A truly happy and communicative couple can enjoy intimacy when there is respect, true love and devotion in marriage plus where both partners are committed to making things work regardless of whatever circumstances, the fire is the marriage is stoked and intimacy becomes a norm.

hope arising!comfort for the weary soul in uncertain times

This book will restore your lost peace, connect or reconnect you back to God and you can be assured of light in your path as you seek a way out of whatever dreary situation you may find yourself in. There is hope!

hope arising! comfort for the weary soul in uncertain times

2020 has been a roller coaster year with so many unusual and disheartening challenges. Many are in a state of confusion, fear and worry due to these circumstances but God is ready and willing to be our anchor during these times. This book shares with you 366 bible verses to build your faith daily. You go into each day armed with the word of God which is more than enough as a weapon and shield against all negative circumstances.

the costly redemption

This book is all about the greatest love of all, true love that surpasses all. The love of God for mankind that prompted Him to send his Son, Jesus Christ to die and atone for our sins.


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