Hyginus Ekwuazi

Hyginus Ekwuazi is a multiple award winning poet, fiction writer, and scholar. Professor Hyginus Ekwuazi’s five collections of poetry have either won awards or been nominated for both the Nigerian Prize for Literature and the Soyinka Prize for African Literature. He lives in Ibadan where he teaches broadcasting and film.

Books by Hyginus Ekwuazi

one day i'll dare to raise my middle finger at the stork and the reaper

One Day I’ll Dare to Raise my Middle Finger at the Stork and the Reaper deftly runs a fine thread of existential consciousness through occasions of birth and death and of course, through that intervening pathway that we all crave and revere as much as we dread: age and aging. The result is finely distilled poetry: a poetic language and a poetic beauty that are fascinating and compelling as they are irresistible.

i've miles to walk before i sleep

Three kids; a coma; and a family: all are here woven into a heart-tugging story for every reader, young and old—a story told with the smooth breezy honesty of childhood. No reader can hold back the laughter and tears that mingle in this overwhelmingly moving story with enough room in its beating heart for the young and old. I’ve Miles to Walk Before I Sleep belongs with the best of crossover literature: a kind of Tom Sawyer meets To kill a mocking bird: that rare story that reawakens in the adult reader the consciousness that, true enough, childhood is not the past but that perennial season that latches unto the human mind and simply refuses to let go. Poignant. Candid. Revelatory. The kind of novel you want to make compulsory reading—guaranteed to go from hand to hand with the words: ‘You must read this!’


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