from drug addict to god addict

Ifeanyi was sexually abused by an older lady who through this singular act planted a destructive seed inside Ifeanyi that will later grow over the years to produce in Ifeanyi a cocaine addict, sex addict, porn addict, masturbation addict, secret cult member, gun trader, drug dealer, prostitute addict, charm user, drunkard, nightclub addict and lots of other wicked vices. His family was never able to detect these additions until it was too late. He was at the verge of committing suicide as a student at the University when he had an encounter that changes his whole life. This experience was so strong that he was set free from all addictions. This is a true experience of how God changed a young man from A drug addict to A God addict. This is a book that serves as a guide for anybody having any addiction challenge.


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