Ibitein Bibi-Dokubo (IB Pens)

IB Pens is a writer and a counsellor. She was born and raised in Rivers State, Nigeria. Her passion for relationships started off the moment she saw how close relationships affects us whether it is a bad or good experience. . Her mission is to encourage individuals to maintain a healthy relationship as much as they can, put in the effort required to make it work. When she is not writing, she’s either reading, playing Scrabble, praying or counselling.

Books by Ibitein Bibi-Dokubo (IB Pens)


It is in the little things we neglect that destroys good relationships we are trying to build as individuals. Seeing an amazing relationship blossoming like there are no fights or disagreement can make you wish yours will become like that by accident or by doing nothing. Love is important in a relationship/marriage but you need wisdom to apply the knowledge that you acquire from God and books or other people’s experience at the right time as well as understanding of the person you are dealing with as every person is different from the other. The people you see are not perfect and have accepted their imperfections and are committed to making it work irrespective. A relationship cannot work with only one person, both parties must be willing to make it work which is why I have taken out time to compile some tips from good messages and reads, advice from long married couples, research, etc that can help maintain a HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP.


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