Ibukun Aikomo

Ibukunoluwa is a JSS 3 pupil of All Souls secondary school, Bodija. She started writing when she was 7 years old.She is a lover of books in any form and can spend hours reading. When she is not reading, she enjoys drawing and cooking.

Books by Ibukun Aikomo

ordinary people mighty warriors: a young adult's wonder book series 1

Ordinary People Mighty Warriors is a brave and captivating first book by Ibukun. It is a collection of short stories weaved around ambitious and action figure characters, with life examples, to teach young adults good behaviour, and manners. This book also holds powerful notes to guide a special teenager to leading a life of virtue and holiness. This series of thrilling words, delivered to all teenagers by the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, poses vital information to shape a decent teenager with beauty radiating from within.


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