Ife Olujuyigbe

Ife Olujuyigbe is a Nigerian writer and filmmaker. Her works have appeared in literary journals, blogs and magazines from all over the world. Her story was published in the literary anthologies ‘A Mosaic of Torn Places’, African Women Writers anthology ‘The Different Shades Of The Feminine Mind’, ‘Work Naija: The Book of Vocations’, and ‘In The Eyes’, a book she inspired, collated and co-edited. Her story, ‘A Note For Christmas’ was selected as one of the top ten African stories by Digibook Africa in 2017. Her story, ‘You Should Be A Gift’ was named one of 2017's top fifteen by Writivism. In 2016, she won Flash Fiction Competition, 'Blackout' and the 2016 SGNT Media Short Story Prize. In 2017, she made the long list of Writivism Short Story Prize and was first runner-up for The Critic Challenge organized by Creetiq Africa. Her debut film, Parting Gift, premiered at the African International Film Festival in 2016. She currently writes and produces movies for Nollywood.

Books by Ife Olujuyigbe

of children born to us

Nonso, Matthew, Deolu, Anwuli, Roni, Edosa, and Uche do not seem to have a lot in common on the surface. But deep down, they bear their dreams for a better future like totems until they meet people in their lives who are out to influence them. As the courses of their lives change through changing governments, economies, parental decisions or just good old fate, they must, in spite of their ages, decide what the ultimate courses of their lives would be. OCBTUS is a compelling compilation of short stories with children protagonists. It is a book for people of all ages and walks of life. If you love a gripping story and are not afraid of a few laughs and a few tears, you would love this book.


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