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sex talk: when, how and what to teach your child about sex

The biggest challenge today for a great percentage of parents with the best intentions for their children is the lack of the knowledge, skill and best approach that can be safely adopted in providing their children with sound and quality sexuality education. This is a huge gap in parenting that must be bridged especially as the world continues to grow more and more sexualized. In this book, Ify Obiekwe carefully penned this outstanding masterpiece to bridge this huge gap. Get this book now so you can build those skills and devise those best approaches that will enable you provide proper sexuality education for your child at any level. In this book, you shall be educated on what, when, and how to teach your child about sex in a sexualized world like ours.

smart parenting in a sexualized world

With the seeming challenges of a sexualized world, it is important parents are well informed and deliberate in their actions because just like many didn’t prepare for marriage, they never also prepare for parenting. This book will open you up to timely truths and age appropriate teachings of smart parents in a sexualized world. "A preserved childhood is better than a repaired adulthood." - Ify Obiekwe

kickout child sexual abuse in your home

Child sexual abuse is the silent epidemic that has destroyed the heart of so many children and tampered with childhood dreams. A lot of children are crying silently. Some more will likely cry if nothing is done to kick it out. This silent killer is eating deep into the destinies of most children. In this book you will find practical steps you can take as a parent or caregiver (they include teachers, nannies, grandmas, uncles & aunties, all who have the duty at any point to watch over a child) to keep children as safe as possible. Sexual abuse can ruin childhood and the impact can last a lifetime. I trust the Almighty God to help you kick out this evil menace from your home, environment and community. "A preserved childhood is better than a repaired adulthood." - Ify Obiekwe


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