Igwebuike Camilus Okoye

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consider the lilies

Consider the Lilies is an ingeniously written text, produced from the table of a Philosopher and a classic Bible scholar, Captain Igwebuike Camillus Okoye. The book is steeped in metaphors; it uses the idioms of flowers to mediate lifelong lessons. The uniqueness of Consider the Lilies derives from the author’s insightful justification of basic flowers’ characteristics with realities of the Bible; relating to different parts and habitats of flowers to the spiritual lives of a Christian. The depth of Consider the Lilies is an attestation to the author’s profundity of scriptural verities. Consider the Lilies is a pure gospel text that transcends the fundamental, the milky terrains and delves into the meaty and the bony terrains of God’s word. It is a balanced diet for every heaven-bound Christian. What a book!


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