Iheanacho Golden

Books by Iheanacho Golden

brink of collapse: a collection of stories

These stories are intended to imbue the reader with a sense of hope and direction even when things seem to be falling apart. As the saying goes, there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe there isn’t, but it doesn’t hurt to try, to keep trying, to keep seeking the glory days. At this time we are in the world, this is an important book to drive our individual focuses inward, as we reflect upon our relationships with everything around us and seek the path of optimism and hope for better days ahead.

self-discovery: a collection of poems

In this collection, you will find poems like Self Love which shows you that “...love also exists in the regard/One has for one's self” and the poem Temper which reminds you that “Losing your temper is/The road to the dark side of life.” The poems in this collection are about self-discovery, not necessarily in vii the modern sense of the word, where it's often confused with narcissism or self-obsession, but rather in the sense of discovery through self-knowledge. The poems are about coming to terms with whom you are, accepting your faults and limitations, and seeking to stretch yourself to attain your maximum potential. Poems take only a few words because the 'gaps' are meant to be filled by the reader. Therefore, these poems are not to be read as a life manual. Rather, it is a handy tool to help you discover your own self and live your best life.


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