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smash your goals

Most times, our challenges are with the kind of goals, or our rigidity about them. When the end of a goal is not clear, the process and finality of it will also be unclear. This means that if the goal isn’t set within recognizable parameters, it will not be known when it is completed or achieved. Clarity of a goal is actually what makes it a goal. Rigidity, in this case, is sticking to a goal that is no longer achievable or has lost its relevance. But because it was set on the premise of achievements, you suffer through it. At the end of the period allocated to the goals, only a few would have been done and justifiably so because they were too many. There is no award for who has the most goals, only for those who achieve what goals they have set. It is better to smash one goal maximally than it is to smash five goals shabbily. Goals have to do with time and time occupies space in our calendars and ultimately our lives. The timeline tells the end of the goal but the timeline is only valid if the goal is achieved.


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