Ikemba Johnson

Ikemba Johnson is a transdisciplinary life and brand strategist obsessed with the idea of helping upwardly mobile individuals and corporate entities experience mental shifts that will help them maximize potential, optimize peak performance and increase productivity in their life and business. He does this through intellectual interventions like speaking, coaching, mentoring, training and consulting. He is also a powerful story-teller, compelling writer, and disruptive thought leader on Life, Leadership and Personal Development. He is fondly called Djembalux by his fans because of his uncanny wits and natural humor. Also nicknamed 'The Anomaly' by close friends and associates because of his counter-intuitive approach to life, he believes that dodo(fried plantain) can fix half of the world's problems.

Books by Ikemba Johnson

purple bananas: an idiot-proof approach to common sense living

Purple Bananas is a book that takes a dive into some of life's intricacies often either overlooked or overcooked. It is a book laden with practical life lessons to help readers avoid the banana peels of life while savoring its banana flavors. This book will make you blow hot and calm down, it will make you smile and sigh, laugh and cry, and learn and unlearn. Purple bananas seeks to arouse curiosity, stir up conversations, shatter beliefs, deepen convictions and ultimately make you unlearn and relearn.


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