Ikenna Ezuma

Ikenna Ezuma is a published writer and novelist. His writing experience spans well over twenty years. He is the founder of Studio 360Plus, a creative media content enterprise with its focus on media contents such as scripts for TV and full length features. He has an advanced Diploma in English Language and Literature and a Professional Certificate in Film Production Management. He has worked with a couple of Actors and Producers, and has been commissioned to script feature length movies and a few comedy skits and TV series as well. He is open to more challenging opportunities in the creative media industry. By the side he’s earnestly working on his many story drafts with the hope of publishing as many as he possibly can. He is a lover of nature, and is also engaged in a number of charity works locally and internationally. PERSONAL ANECDOTE Creative writing is a passionate hobby that comes naturally to me. I have often wondered how differently my life would be without this amazing gift of creative self expression. Inspiration for writing probably was heightened by the fact that, I was exposed to interesting literature early in life. I remember vividly when, as a little boy, probably seven or eight years old, I would sit among other kids my age and listen with delight to folk lore told by a nice neighbour. Her name was Rita Dieyi, yes, I remember with a particular fondness. I had been inspired by such stories as Cinderella, Snow White and The Seven Dwarfs, and lots more like those with which she would enchant our young imaginations. And when I got into High School, reading novels became a passionate hobby for me. I read a lot of novels, African and foreign novels alike. I remember then that I was often inspired by a few stories I had read then, about the famous Benin kingdom and their sacred royal traditions. The cultural diversity and the richness of the lifestyles expressed in those pages have largely inspired me to create Abieyuwa, which happens to be my first major novel. And then I came up with SITO: Something In The Offing, Buzz Off!, several short stories for the younger ones, and many more that are sure to follow.

Books by Ikenna Ezuma


“If you can’t take a punch, never throw one…” Mena Ginika joins the family's conglomerate with so much passion for work and contempt for men following a severe heartbreak. But unknown to her, she'd made herself an obstacle Damijo Williams swore to remove by all means in order to achieve his life ambition of seizing control over UBCI. All Mena has going for her is her ability to dare and her craving to love again. How far can she go against her fierce, faceless foes?


"When the fate of a mighty kingdom rests on the shoulders of a noble warrior, a baby king and a great Amazon, the stage is set for an epic encounter between the vices of greed and ambition against the virtues of loyalty, courage and justice – on these lies the hope of a people."


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