Imoter Kpengwa

Imoter Kpengwa is a final year law student who enjoys reading, writing, listening to music, eating and sleeping. He is passionate about human rights and equality. The Good Mistress is one of his many stories.

Books by Imoter Kpengwa

the good mistress

Hembafan gets a call from the woman whose husband she has been having an affair with for over two years requesting a meeting. Although the first instinct is not to honour the invitation, another part of her begs her to honour the invitation because of a dark secret she needs to share with this woman. What is this secret? What is her decision in the end? How does Terdoo react to this choice?


What if your marriage is built on a lie? What if the person you love is not the person you fell in love with? What if in the twinkle of an eye your life comes crashing down before your eyes? This is the predicament for Civir on a bachelorette night out with her friends. Nneka, a woman who has long been buried by the sands of time, reappears, kidnaps Civir and reveals some shocking truths about Luter, her husband of ten years and the father of her two children, that she could not deny. How will Civir react to these truths?


After one encounter in a park at school, Terlumun's curiosity grows to full on infatuation with Tersoo. He loves Tersoo. But Tersoo has demons of his own. He is trapped in an abusive relationship with the guy who infected him with HIV. Will they be able to overcome this and the other obstacles in their relationship? Or will they crumble in the face of the overwhelming homophobia that threatens their love?

the story of us

A self designated bad boy university fresher finds himself falling for the fellowship leader in his faculty.

the story of us

The unruly fresher finds himself crushing on the leader of the faculty fellowship as she invites them for fellowship after school. He finds himself yearning after her. What will be his faith?


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