Inuwa Usman

Books by Inuwa Usman

lost in the wind

Our journey to Lorelo town became bitter when we encounter Matete fighters who kill anyone they see in their territory. Olawale escaped from his cousin and dashed out from the hidden place . He knew it was risky, but he took that bold step. Everywhere was silent and terrifying; all he heard was the sensational voice of the birds. He was afraid seeing blood and human parts on the ground. He was shivering like a sick man looking all angles if he would see his people. It was only him on that deadly way, walking helplessly, seeing vultures feeding from human flesh. As he walked towards the junction, he heard triple gunshots that sounded so close and mean. He ran so fast and firmly without looking back until he got to a corner to rest. He sat gently on the ground, massaging his legs with his soft palms feeling every pain, tickling his toes with the tip of his fingers. As he stood up and about leaving, he heard footsteps right so close behind him with the feel of a palm on his shoulder.

shadows of the sun

In the quest to find his parents killer, Al-warith encountered troubles with his grandfather, Mallam Balarabe. It was during those troubles they met Lawal, a bank manager and his daughter, Zahra. Their struggles continued when Al-warith went missing. Mallam Balarabe left for Gidan kowa with Lawal and Zahra in search of Al-warith and were shocked when they saw supernatural beings. They arrived Haske village in the night and met Sheik sunusi who told them that Al-warith is in danger and should leave for Domina village immediately.  Will they survive the spooky danger of the night?

aminu's diary

In this fascinating adventure book, Aminu narrates his journey experience from Lagos to Kano: the people he met, his struggles, and his desire for a better nation.

terry anger: how terry overcame his anger and other short stories

Anger is a feeling of annoyance, displeasure or antagonism. Some kids are frequently angry and struggle to enjoy life. They argue and get into fights when they are doing something fun with friends. When a child has anger issues, their behaviour impacts everyone around them and their inability to control their emotion affect their quality of life. Read how Terry overcame his anger and other short stories.

terry anger

Anger is a feeling of annoyance, displeasure, and antagonism. Listen to how Terry overcame his anger and other short stories. Terry Anger and other short stories.

the voice

Oluwatobi was arrested by the department of state services (DSS) for his role in the massive protest that shook the whole country. Tobi was severely tortured by the force and never allowed to see the light of the day. "All I ask is for good governance, good governance for the people. Our children are dying of hunger; our youth are turning to crime as a result of unemployment; our roads are terrible; our hospitals are in disrepair; there are many out-of-school children on the streets, hawking in the hot sun and rain with no guarantee that they will return home smiling."


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