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kingdom verities

Do you know that the kingdom of heaven is a heavenly country that is active on the earth here and now? Do you know that it has citizens who are special and distinct from the mere human? Do you know that this heavenly country has a language and has dialects? Do you also know how you are to function as a kingdom ambassador? Or how to colonize for your heavenly country? Are you acquainted with the culture of this heavenly country? Are you ready to function in the mastermind group (intelligentsia) of this heavenly country which is also active on the earth? All these and more are the insights revealed via this book. This gripping spiritual work of art, is well researched and adequately referenced. It explains the kingdom of heaven in a way that you can relate with, in your day to day life. It will cause you to maximize your potential and stretch you beyond the limit of traditional knowledge and conventional wisdom. It reveals God's great master plan for the kingdom of heaven and its citizens on earth. It is a must-read for you, if you want to function in God's perfect will for your life. Explore heaven on earth as you read this book.

how to enjoy kingdom currency

We have always been told that faith is a currency of heaven. What if I told you the kingdom of heaven has several other heavenly currencies and gave you practical insights on how to access and enjoy them here on earth? This book shows exactly how to access and convert kingdom currency like wisdom, knowledge, understanding, etc to dollars, pounds, euro, naira, yen, etc in order to enjoy the wealth of the kingdom here on earth. A lot of kingdom citizens are rich in spiritual terms but they do not know how to convert these riches into tangible physical wealth. This book is your practical, step by step guide to enjoying heavenly wealth in earthly measures. Every country has a currency peculiar to it and so does the kingdom of heaven have several currencies in its currency system. Every kingdom citizen who wants to enjoy the wealth of the kingdom must know how to access these currencies and convert them into tangible wealth for enjoyable and profitable use here on earth. When the ambassador of the United Kingdom to Nigeria gets paid in pounds which is the official British currency, he has to convert his pounds to naira in order to enjoy his pay on Nigerian soil. it is in the same way a kingdom citizen living in any earthly nation gets supplied in kingdom currency and has to convert them to tangible currencies in order to enjoy them.

how to maximize kingdom currency

Do you want to know exactly how to use kingdom currencies to impact your nation and transform lives? The first volume of this trilogy was focused on how to access and convert heaven’s currencies into money in naira, dollar, pounds or euro, for personal satisfaction here on earth. But this volume goes a step further! It shows how you can access these kingdom currencies and use them to transform the lives of others and to impact your nation. That is what maximizing kingdom currency is all about and that is God’s desire for you. Each chapter gives practical steps and insights on how to make your intangible wealth into tangible cash, it does not stop there. It goes on to show how to make the best us of these currencies to impact lives and transform nations. This book is Volume two in Kingdom Currency series but it can be read independently and yet understood.

kingdom currency (volume 3)

Have you ever wondered if God had a recipe for the cancer in today’s society called unemployment? Have you ever desired to be so excellent or to build a global business brand? This book is designed to cut down unemployment in any society by 75%. Did you know that if you were the son of a king and you needed a good job, you would get the best without any application? How come many people who are sons of the King of kings still grope in the dark corridors of unemployment? This book shows you how to get the best jobs around the world without an application. This is no gimmicks! It also shows you how to become a person of excellence and how to build a global business brand with the use of kingdom currency principles. This is that one book that would put an end to any uncertainty in your academics, career and business. Do not hesitate to get this book. It is a destiny changer!

unlocking your kingdom creativity

Do you want to get to the highest peak of creativity, productivity and profitability in your career, business or profession as a kingdom citizen? Do you desire to be the go-to-person in your industry when there is a complex problem that needs critical and urgent solutions? Are you full of so many wonderful ideas with no tangible creation, meaningful invention or visible production to show for it? Do you know that you have a far greater potential for groundbreaking discoveries, inventions and solutions than the atheist scholar? Do you want to remain relevant or gain prominence as the world steadily advances into yet another Industrial Revolution? Then you need to study this book! This book is going to help you become an extraordinary problem solver. It will show you how to engage the creativity tools that God has given to us. It contains keys that would make you exponentially innovative. It will help you go from having just great ideas into producing phenomenal creations through which you can make impact and leave a lasting legacy in this world. Get this book and don’t thank me later, thank me now!


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